Last-Minute, Dirt-Cheap Costume Ideas

1. The Time-Tested Standby: Anything involving a bed sheet. Drape it for a toga effect, or cut eyeholes and go as a ghost, if you're really strapped for ideas. Tie it around your neck - instant superhero material. Use your roommates sheets if you can.

2. The Greek Couple: Guys, pop the collar, tuck your polos into your best khakis and slide into some loafers. Ladies, pull out your shortest skirts and tallest, furriest boots - the more they look like house shoes the better. If you have some extra cash, run down to Georgetown and pick up a knock-off Louis Vuitton. You'll be set to go for whatever the night brings.

3. Potluck: Employ a freshman, or your smallest friend, to squeeze himself through the opening of the clothing donation bin near the South Side shuttle stop. The possibilities of things you might find are endless - and if you feel bad about taking stuff that belongs to the less fortunate, you can always return it to the bin.

4. Pick a Panda: Dress yourself anyway you like, and give your outfit an abstract name. Claim you're a panda from the quad.

5. Superstar: Never miss an opportunity to poke fun at celebrities. A sleazy Britney-esque get-up is easy to throw together. Dress in anything bright orange, and you can pass for Cell Block Martha. Nineties throwbacks like the Spice Girls or Dennis Rodman are old enough to be funny again.

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