AU College Republicans hold fund-raiser

The AU College Republicans and assorted guests gathered Thursday night at Cheff Geoff's on New Mexico Avenue for their annual fund-raiser, Republicalooza.

Many Republicans from the District came to speak at the event, including Bernie Schulz, who represents the campaign of Lisa Marie Cheney, a Republican running for Congress in the 8th District of Virginia. Other speakers included Chuck Floyd, candidate for the 8th District of Maryland. The speakers touched on their campaign strategies, explained why they deserved votes and offered internships to the students.

Approximately 90 people attended, including Republican students from George Washington University.

The club grossed more than their $1,000 goal for the fund-raiser, according to College Republicans President Mike Inganamort and Social Director Jackie Puente. Also on the agenda was creating a networking environment for the students so they could make connections with other area Republicans, Inganamort said.

The students used the event as an opportunity to support the re-election of President Bush.

"We are running on all cylinders right through Election Day," Inganamort said.

The event also gave Republican students a chance to meet each other.

"For me, the point of this is to know there are other Republicans out there," said Whitney Howard, a freshman in the School of Public Affairs.

The students also had opportunities to meet the speakers and other guests in attendance.

The College Republicans are doing a "phenomenal job," according to Raul Damas, grass-roots director of the Republican National Committee.

Damas lashed out at Democrats for their campaign strategies, referring in his remarks to the Democrats "aligning every evil force ... not stopping at anything."

Damas also commented on the recent CBS News controversy with Dan Rather's report that used questionable documents that accused President Bush of not meeting his National Guard duties. The incident was sloppy journalism overseen by Rather, Damas said.

The event also provided Republican candidates with an opportunity to reach out to the young constituency. Michael Monroe, who is running for D.C. Delegate to Congress, also attended the event. Monroe, 25, is running against incumbent Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC). He said that Norton is corrupt and that as delegate, he will use bipartisanship to accomplish goals such as getting D.C. statehood. Another goal he hopes to accomplish is bringing a Major League Baseball team to D.C. He sees himself as fresh blood, he said.

"We need a doer, not a reactor," Monroe said.

Inganamort judged the evening a success and said that the money raised would go toward future College Republican events.

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