Harassment incident was a 'singular event'

There have been no breakthroughs and "no resolution" in the case of a female student who was groped while walking on the South Side of campus May 2, Sgt. Gary Folckemer, coordinator for Public Safety administration, reported June 16.

Public Safety issued a Campus Crime Alert May 4 that stated that at approximately 9 p.m. a man grabbed a female student on the breast while it was raining. She was walking toward the Letts-Anderson Quad by the School of International Service Annex, according to Folckemer.

"As their paths met, she was grabbed on the breast," Folckemer said in May. "She then turned and observed him walk to the rear of the SIS Annex."

The man was described as in his 20s with tan skin, a medium build, and a height between 5-foot-6 and 5-foot-8. He has dark hair and was wearing a white T-shirt, a black baseball cap and possibly blue jeans, the alert stated.

The female student reported the incident late in the afternoon May 3 and Public Safety released the alert Tuesday. No reason was given for her delay in reporting the incident.

The incident occurred five months after a series of sexual attacks campus. At least six similar incidents occurred in October and November 2003, mainly in the Butler Garden on the North Side of campus. No arrest has been made.

Folckemer said that there is no correlation between the May 2 attack and the previous incidents.

"This is a different location and the physical description is pretty non-descript," Folckemer said. "It certainly could be the same person but there is not enough information here to draw that conclusion."

Since the incident occurred, Folckemer said that officers had increased their patrol of the road but no other changes were made to Public Safety routines.

"Everyone was made aware of what the issue was," Folckemer said last week. "It was a singular event. Officers increased patrol in that area but did not station someone"

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