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Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024
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Goodbye sports page :(

Sideline Scholars

Ever notice how the endings always seem so bittersweet? How people romanticize the wonderfulness of their job and relate how the rough spots made them better people?

Sure, I could tell you how rewarding it was to put the sports page to bed every Wednesday and Sunday night or how difficult it was to adjust to unexpected problems that arose.

But in the end it simply isn't that easy to explain. As the soon-to-be former sports editor, I look back on the year's worth of issues and sincerely am proud of my writers. These guys put their blood, sweat and tears into every article they submitted, every idea they pitched and every battle they fought, which usually seemed to be against me on the night of deadline..

The quarrels over how a verb was used, why a sentence was changed through the editing process or what I was thinking when whole paragraphs were cut from an article - these all bring a smile to my face.

Ultimately these headaches did make me a better editor and overall person. I've learned that patience truly is a virtue, which doesn't exactly come easily to me, ask the writers. However, listening and understanding comes in handy as an editor, also.

The sports page has come a long way in the past year, and without my staff it would never have been possible. The articles are consistently solid and objective, with strong quotes and amazing pictures. Not to mention, the sports page is bursting at the seams, with many stories jumping to other pages within the paper. And to think that a year ago, sports only came out once a week.

These past two semesters, we've welcomed a new athletic director, watched teams continue to perform well in the Patriot League, spotlighted first-rate athletes and reported on professional sports.

And who can forget the addition of the weekly "Top 10 Countdown"? These witty lists drew the most attention to the sports page, from the top 10 ways to amuse your valentine to the top 10 AU sports moments.

As I pass the responsibilities on, I know I will never forget how much I enjoyed my time in this position. Although I wanted to beat my head against the computer, or even someone else's, on multiple occasions. I don't regret a thing.

Whatever the problem was, it was solved. The lines of communication were kept open and tempers were allowed to cool. The constant ebb and flow of the give and take relationship is what keeps the world moving in the right direction. It is what makes our sports page successful.

Of course, I guess we can all look back and laugh about things now ... right?

Good luck to everyone in the coming years, particularly my guys. There's a special place for you all ... yes, everyone. Thank you for teaching me about life and strengthening my weaknesses. Thank you for making this senior year complete.

 Hosts Sara Winick and Sydney Hsu introduce themselves and talk about their favorite TV shows. This episode includes fun facts, recommendations and personal connections. 

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