What do you think about France's ban on headscarves, large crosses and yarmulkes?

"That type of sanction seems radical and indicative of a paranoid administration."

- Erica Nicole is a senior in SOC.

"I don't agree with it because I am fine when people express their religion."

- Karen Ottoni is a senior in SIS.

"It seems like this sort of action was made out of ignorance and will only breed hatred and contempt."

- Andrew Shapiro is a senior in CAS.

"If the religious items are not imposing or intimidating people, they should not be banned."

- Raji Zeidan is a senior in SIS.

"While it is meant to create a more accepting environment, it is taking away certain rights."

- Rachel Robb is a junior in CAS.

"This decision is radical, but if you want to attend free public school, you should follow French rules."

- Chris Piat is a freshman in Kogod.

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