Thai-riffic Tenley restaurant

New ethnic eatery offers excellent ambience, quality cuisine

Neisha Thai Cuisine

4445 Wisconsin Ave. NW Tenleytown Metro (Red Line) (202) 966-7088 Appetizers from $4.95 - $6.95 Entres from $5.95 - $14.95 Desserts from $3.95 - 4.95

As Tenleytown is gradually sprouting apartment buildings, a Best Buy and new restaurants, one cannot miss the colorful sign of Neisha across from the Metro, on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Albemarle.

Neisha offers a relaxed setting for both casual and upscale dining experiences, with an expansive menu of Thai cuisine presented through a variety of tastes and textures for every taste bud.

While at the bar sipping Singha - a stronger, Heineken-type beer from Thailand - your eyes glance over the glowing illuminations on the walls, which flow into the red and earth tones of the cave-like structures and waterfalls.

The chicken satay appetizer was covered in a honey and nut coating and a curry marinade. The accompanying toast and fresh peppers, onions and cucumbers garnished on the side created a sweet and fruity contrast to the other flavors. The salmon rolls were wrapped in a crispy wonton with rice, seaweed and fish, and were garnished with a spiral of shredded cucumbers and a cherry tomato slice.

The Tom Yum Goong is a light soup with fresh shrimp in a spicy, zesty lemon broth, mushrooms and Thai spices. A more filling option for soup was the Tom Ka Gai, with its milky coconut broth and chunks of chicken mixed with lemongrass, scallions, chili, lime leaf and a ginger root called galanga.

For a combination of flavor and multiple textures, the pineapple fried rice consisted of half-shaved pineapple and shredded pork topped over shrimp, onions, tomatoes, cashews and egg. This dish offered a little of everything, and the flavors soaked well into each other.

The pad see eaw is a thick noodle dish with a choice of grilled chicken, beef or pork with a Chinese broccoli (called "kana" in Thai) similar to spinach, but sweeter in taste.

If there is room for dessert, the a la mode is strongly recommended. A fried banana covered in a glazed layer of sugar is topped over rich coconut ice cream. This dessert is a treasure again because of the combination of textures; the warm banana with the hard covering and the cool tropical ice cream are wonderful complements.

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