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A day not just for lovers

I get lonely, especially around Valentine's Day. February is the time of year when couples are everywhere, and it seems as if us singles are nowhere to be found. These thoughts occupy my mind, as those in relationships cherish their love, and those that are single may feel left out.

Most of my friends from home and D.C. are coupled with another. Those in long-distance relationships talk on the phone night after night to hear of their loved one's day's activities and events. Those who have significant others here often spend every moment together, as if something were to happen if they spent some time apart. Then there is me, and other singles like me, who sit and watch the couples with envy, wishing that somebody would love us as we are capable of loving.

Valentine's Day has been said to be a "Hallmark" holiday. Many believe that Hallmark created Valentine's Day to make money. In reality, however, nobody really knows how Valentine's Day became a holiday. It has been hypothesized by the History Channel that Valentine's Day began with a saint named Valentine. Valentine went against the order of the king who believed that love shouldn't exist between individuals. When the king found out Valentine had defied him, he quickly placed Valentine into a chamber and ordered that he be killed. Yet Valentine fell in love in prison, and before his execution he wrote his love a letter signed, "From Your Valentine." From this letter, people believe Valentine's Day was created.

Despite its origin, however, Valentine's Day has turned into a national phenomenon. Simply by typing Valentine's Day into a search engine, thousands of sites appear, ranging from dating services to help expressing love for an individual. Some sites will actually write a poem or love letter for a fee, while others offer love poems free of charge.

As a single on Valentine's Day, I've already become aware of the impact people place on this holiday. For instance, those of my friends that are in relationships are beginning to make plans for the big day, and those that are single are beginning to feel lonely. It's difficult for a person who's single to find solace within when it seems as though everybody around them has a significant other.

So this year, as a sort of resolution, I've decided that I'm going to make this Valentine's Day one I will not forget. I plan on gathering my friends and celebrating our love, and most importantly, life. I realize that I am in a constant relationship with myself as well as with those around me, and that maybe being single isn't so bad - I can let myself get a little crazy when I want to.

And so I wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day, whether or not you're single. Try to remember that this day was created to get people to express their love for one another: both friends and lovers. Sometimes it's good to let others know you care, and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to do so.

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