Police Blotter

Wednesday, Feb. 11

Damage to a vehicle was reported in the Sports Center garage as someone hit a parked vehicle and did not leave a note. The damaged car had scratches down one side and a large dent.

Theft was reported in TDR when a person left cash in his or her jacket and it disappeared while he or she was getting food.

Theft was reported in Bender Library when a person's jacket was taken off the back of a chair.

Thursday, Feb. 12

Malicious burning was reported outside Mary Graydon Center on the Quad when a 6-foot-by-6-foot campaign sign was burned around 2 a.m. The sign, put up Wednesday night for the student government elections, had a large hole burned in the center of it.

A female student in Letts Hall reported her wallet missing, and said it had been missing for a couple of days.

Public Safety took a report of an attempted robbery near the intersection of Yuma Street and Nebraska Avenue in Tenleytown. A female student was walking down Yuma when someone came up behind her and tried to take her backpack. She screamed and the person ran away.

A leaky pipe in the ceiling of a classroom in the Asbury Building caused flooding and wet carpets.

A hospital transport was needed from Letts Hall.


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