Top ten reasons why it stinks to be a sports fan in the nation's capital


Every city has at least one strong sports team. However, the District leaves something to be desired. Here are a few reasons to help explain our predicament.

10. There's no baseball team.

9. The best player in the District is Chamique Holdsclaw. Nine out of 10 Washingtonians don't know who Chamique Holdsclaw is.

8. The Capitals are so bad that one of the best players in the league (Jaromir Jagr) can't even help them.

7. All three major teams (Capitals, Wizards and Redskins) have made head coaching changes in the past six months.

6. The best team in town is the Georgetown Hoyas basketball team, and it won't sniff the top 25.

5. A season that started with AU, George Mason, George Washington and Georgetown hoping to gain NCAA bids may see the area get shut out if things don't turn around quickly.

4. Two words: Washington Wizards.

3. The biggest free agent signing (Gilbert Arenas) has been a major disappointment as he sits on the sidelines with an ankle injury.

2. The Wizards fired Michael Jordan ... let's repeat, the Wizards FIRED Michael Jordan.

1. Washingtonians are most excited about a 14-year-old (Freddy Adu) and a coach who hasn't won a game in a decade (Joe Gibbs).

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