Top 10 Rejected AU Sports Slogans

Looking around the NCAA sports world, it's clear that AU lacks something that so many successful sports programs have. A slogan. Kansas fans rally around "rock chalk Jayhawk." Penn State and Alabama students echo cries of "We are Penn State" and "Roll Tide," respectively. Army has the single-minded "Go Army, beat Navy," and Virginia Tech has the onomatopoeic "Hokie Hi Hi Hokie Hokie Hee." We haven't come up with a good one for AU yet, but here are the top 10 slogans we've thought up and discarded.

1. AU: Chastised by the Patriot League for having fans.

2. AU: Now with 100 percent more athletic director!

3. AU: Undefeated in football for 50 years running.

4. AU: We gave the world Gary Williams. So, can we have him back, please?

5. AU: As a matter of fact, yes we do have a Field Hockey team.

6. AU: At the top of the list of Washington athletic programs, if you list them alphabetically.

7. AU: Because Georgetown sucks.

8. AU: Who needs scholarships when we can have a sweet scoreboard above the pool?

9. AU: We don't have a boxing program, but we did unleash Kermit Washington on the NBA.

10. AU: Maybe we'd finally fill Bender if we renamed the team the Dashboard Confessionals.

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