Weekend Hot Spots

Thursday, Dec. 4

"Don't Need You" Film Screening $5 backstage, Black Cat

This Riot-Grrrl Documentary is emceed by D.C.'s Allison Wolfe of the mediocre fem-rockers Bratmobile. A discussion will follow the film, and all proceeds will benefit the upcoming Visions in Feminism Conference. Bratmobile broke up in 1994, only to reform after witnessing the success of Sleater Kinney and the Donnas. Its reformation failed to capture the essence of what the band originally stood for. The ghastly return of Bratmobile in the LPs "Ladies, Women and Girls" and "Girls Get Busy" was ultimately embarrassing and robbed the band of any previous credibility it may have had. The result is a band that only fervent feminists can barely take seriously.

Friday, Dec. 5

The Buzzcocks $15, 9:30 club

The Buzzcocks was a historic British punk band riding the wave initially paved by the Sex Pistols. The Buzzcocks' most prized work, the compilation "Singles Going Steady" is a staple in any reputable record collection, combining punk rock urgency with a 3-minute verse-chorus-verse pop song. The material recorded since the band's regrouping has less passion and vigor in comparison to earlier work, namely the 2003 self-titled release on Merge Records. Nonetheless, the opportunity to see this legend may very well be the last. Tickets are available at tickets.com.

David Copperfield $31.50, Warner Theatre

Magician David Copperfield's tour, "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion", comes to D.C. The world-renown Copperfield has extensive knowledge and experience in theater, improving upon his already stellar reputation as an illusionist. His most notorious stunts include making the Statue of Liberty disappear, as well as walking through the Great Wall of China. Tickets are available at ticketmaster.com

Saturday, Dec. 6

Damien Rice $15, 9:30 club

Irish Folk singer-songwriter Damien Rice is sure to attract Gap-clad 30-somethings on his tour of "O," his latest album. The musician's coffee house hymns appeal to everyone from balding accountants to Oprah-watching housewives. "O" is inspired by the works of his heroes Bob Dylan and Nick Drake, yet his monotonous, formulaic work doesn't pay them homage. Tickets are available at tickets.com.

Sunday, Dec. 7

Rocket from the Tombs $13, Black Cat

Rocket from the Tombs was a marginally seminal punk outfit whose breakup spawned the birth of two better bands, Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys. The Tombs broke up shortly after guitarist Peter Laughner befriended the late, great Lester Bangs and soon began writing for the now-defunct rock magazine "Creem."


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