'The Matrix' take three

The final installment will open worldwide Wednesday

The Matrix has you.

While the machine-controlled world of the film may be the product of two very creative filmmakers, there is proof that we are indeed controlled by technology as fans across the world prepare for the third and final installment of the "Matrix" trilogy.

"The Matrix: Revolutions" will make its grand debut in both regular-format and IMAX theatres around the world this Wednesday.

Warner Brothers Pictures announced on Sept. 29 that the final "Matrix" film will be unveiled at the exact same moment in time in every major city around the world. This unprecedented distribution method will make the film available to viewers simultaneously at 6 a.m. in Los Angeles, 9 a.m. in New York (and D.C.), 2 p.m. in London, 5 p.m. in Moscow, 11 p.m. in Tokyo and at corresponding times in over 50 additional countries worldwide on Nov. 5. Warner Brothers is terming this release "Zero Hour."

"The Wachowski Brothers wanted to give our fans the chance to experience the final piece of the Matrix puzzle at the same time in every major city worldwide," "Matrix" trilogy producer Joel Silver said in the official announcement from Warner Brothers. "It's an ... exciting venture that furthers the Wachowskis' vision and underscores the trilogy's theme of integration."

Many find this unique distribution idea to be a marketing ploy, but also ingenious.

"I think it's exciting that it's opening all over the world at the same time because that way everyone has the chance to see without leaks coming out from other places in the world who saw the movie first," said junior Adrienne Bartlewitz.

Unfortunately for D.C. movie-goers, "The Matrix: Revolutions" will not be playing in IMAX theaters in D.C. or Maryland. The film will only be showing on a limited number of IMAX screens around the world. A complete listing can be found on the film's official website whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com.

Many fans are upset that they will not get to experience the final film on IMAX.

"It's a travesty," sophomore Majorie Korn said. "We are in D.C. and I'm sure more people want to see Keanu Reeves than George W. Bush."

"The Matrix: Revolutions" will be playing on regular-format screens at Loews Georgetown, Bethesda United Artists (7272 Wisconsin Ave.) and AMC Union Station. The first showing of the film will be at 9 a.m. at all theaters in D.C. Loews Georgetown is offering a presale of tickets, which are available online at www.fandango.com or at the theater. The film will not play at the Loews Wisconsin Avenue (4000 Wisconsin Ave.) in Tenelytown, according to an employee of the theater.

Despite the hype that the "Matrix" trilogy has received, some students don't care about the film's release at all.

"I don't really care because I didn't really like the first two movies," sophomore Dan Brown said. "I thought the first one had a good story and they should have just ended it there."

While some may have been disappointed by the previous films, most AU students are excited to see "The Matrix: Revolutions."

"'The Matrix' is sure to be a visual delight for all the senses," said sophomore Jordan Landry. "It will be a journey the whole world can take together, hand in hand, for the good of humanity. I personally feel that once the 'Matrix' saga concludes itself, the world will rejoice and we will all live in peace."

Watch for a review of "Matrix: Revolutions" in this Thursday's edition of The Eagle.

Eagle Contributing Writer Jorge del Pinal contributed to this report.

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