Staff editorial: Mixed feelings on budget cut

In Monday's Eagle, Student Confederation President Nick Terzulli said of the 2004-05 budget, "There's only so much money to give out. Not everyone's going to be happy." Indeed.

This year, Eagle Nights, Student Union Board and Kennedy Political Union received additional funding, while events such as Homecoming and Founders Day had their budgets cut. Founders Day received the largest cut with a nearly $10,000 difference in next year's budget.

Many students have mixed feelings about the budget cuts and believe that the General Assembly and Student Confederation are out of touch with the student body. SC Vice President Margueritte Meyer said, "I felt that the budget allocations show that the work I'm doing and my cabinet is doing is not being appreciated by the GA. My major concern is for the students and that the students needs are met."

Other students have different feelings. KPU Director Eric Morley said, "This budget reflects some skepticism the Finance Committee had about programming in general." The Eagle tends to agree.

While The Eagle is upset that every student group was not able to receive its desired allocation, the budget cuts show realism on part of the GA and SC. Terzulli is right when he says that not every group is going to be happy with the limited amount of money.

The fact is that unlike other schools, events sponsored by KPU, SUB and even Eagle Nights are more appropriate for AU than a Homecoming parade or a Founders Day Ball. We can talk until we're blue in the face about how AU needs a football team, but until we have one, the alternatives provided by SUB and KPU work for us.

When KPU brought Mikhail Gorbachev and SUB brought Dashboard Confessional, our community was united as thousands of students filled up Bender Arena. Comparable events like Homecoming don't draw the same kind of attendance and we should be mindful of what's popular on our campus. Essentially, we need to be proud and aware of our own traditions instead of just doing what every other college does.

While The Eagle sincerely wishes that every student group could be appeased, we also have to be realistic and know that everyone's wishes can't be honored. With more money going to KPU, SUB and Eagle Nights, we hope that they can live up to their increased allocations.

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