Hundreds turn out for Ataris

San Dimas High School Football ruled the Tavern on Saturday night when pop-punk band the Ataris played to a surprisingly large crowd of over 400 AU students.

The Ataris, and opening bands Planes Mistaken for Stars and Hopesfall, put on a solid live show that many students enjoyed.

"I loved [the show]," said freshman Christina Tersavich. "I'm a huge Ataris fan. And I loved Hopesfall too."

Both opening bands played energetic, genuine sets that provided a good intro to the main act. The Ataris followed with a variety of songs, including many popular old favorites like "San Dimas High School Football Rules" and "Your Boyfriend Sucks."

The night concluded with an absolutely horrific cover of a Misfits song and, surprisingly, not with "Boys of Summer." While a Misfits cover by the Ataris may not be something people hear every day, many in the crowd came out just to hear its cover of the Don Henley '80s hit. Not playing a hit single that has consumed the ears of radio listeners for months may not be the best way to sell CDs.

Lead singer Kris Roe's on-stage presence was energetic, and he kept the audience engaged despite his mumblings.

At many points during the set, Roe attempted to make political statements usually reserved for bands with a more political edge.

"There's an election coming up and our president is an evil, lying bastard," Roe said. "So please please please vote for someone else."

Roe's ramblings, while mildly entertaining, did not achieve the level of humor he seemed to be aiming for.

Off stage he criticized AU and the Tavern. He said he would rather have played Bender Arena like Dashboard Confessional did in September.

Roe spoke differently later.

"I think this was one of my favorite shows of the tour," he said.

The Ataris presented AU fans with a strong, yet highly generic show that was enjoyed by those who did not have to deal with the band back-stage.

Sophomore Rebecca Krichinsky said she loved the live show.

"The Ataris rock!" Krichinsky said. "'My So-Called Life' is the most amazing punk-rock song ever"

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