Cyber-date to find your true soul mate

Sex and Sensibility

Looking on the Internet the other day I stumbled upon a site filled with people looking for their soul mates. Various people of all ages and races place ads on the Internet in hopes that somebody will "find" them and they will live happily ever after. Although that may not be the case for everyone, Internet dating does offer a wide array of opportunities for singles.

One Web site ( calculates the number of singles you have to meet until you find "Mr. or Ms. Right." You enter traits you'd like in your mate, and your answers are calculated for you. I actually took the test myself, and I found that I need to meet 45 singles within my age range before I find my soul mate. At your "Soul mate Oracle Cards" can show you your psychic strengths, weaknesses, and likelihood of finding and keeping a mate. When I did this test, I received Solitude, which I guess means that I won't find my soul mate for a while.

Finding a mate for me has definitely been a difficult task. It only gets harder as the months get colder to not have somebody by your side. Being single today isn't an easy thing to do, so possibilities on the Internet are a good resource for those who choose to test the ordinary rules of dating.

I myself am almost skeptical of the things people write on the Internet. Of course, no one will write that he is 500 pounds and unemployed. That's why when you look at these dating sites they seem so glorious and wonderful; everybody is "nice, sensitive, and a blonde haired Christian."

Yet, despite this fa?ade, it is quite comforting in other regards. If you haven't found someone, the Internet offers you a way to do so. You can test your luck in love without even leaving your home. An old friend of mine, Pamela, would spend her days in front of a computer screen writing to men she had met online. It consumed her life, but it worked. After intense Internet room chats, she found her soul mate, moved in with him, and is happier than ever. Of course, this took awhile. She didn't just enter a chat room one day and find him; it took long hours and serious effort on her part.

This implication has brought forth a couple of questions from within me about Internet dating, such as whether it's worth my time to fill out all these forms and pay $20 so I can meet singles. After all, isn't it possible to meet singles in any urban environment?

The truth is, I don't think it matters. Internet dating seems like a great alternative for those who have the time, money, and energy. It offers a way for people to connect with others to test their personal boundaries. In that, Internet dating is a window into you. By writing to others, you are instantly pressed to describe yourself, your aspirations, and your desires. By assessing whether or not someone else is good for you, you unintentionally assess yourself.

Internet dating gives you a chance to go out there and meet anyone. It presents a new way of looking at others and a new trend of self-realization. Finding a soul mate can be a difficult task, and although Internet dating may not be the "coolest" way to find him or her, it does give you the ability to find someone, even yourself.

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