SC steps into year

Student government at work

The Student Confederation intends to reach the AU community through new policies, social events and services this year.

SC President Nick Terzulli began his term with the goal of creating a more efficient and helpful Student Confederation, AU's student government organization. He, along with other executives, Vice President Marguerite Meyer, Secretary Karen Fischer and Comptroller Scott Rosen, coordinate the various programs and departments within the SC. Terzulli hopes students see the SC as more than just student government.

"SC does things that people aren't aware of," Terzulli said. "If they use an AUTO van to go to Target or enjoy a concert or speaker, I want them to make the connection that it is the Student Confederation providing those services."

The American University Transit Organization, the Student Advocacy Center, the Student Union Board and the Kennedy Political Union all are departments within the SC.

Upcoming events for the Student Confederation include the Sept. 11 service project and the rescheduled Video Game Night for Sept. 14, co-sponsored by the Residence Hall Association; as well as Eagle Nights every Wednesday and the SUB sponsored Dashboard Confessional Concert yesterday. The Sept. 11 project and the video game night both emphasize two of Meyer's major goals.

"I would like to start the process of making AU a community through social events," Meyer said. "Also, I would like the AU community to reach out to the community at large."

As a part of the national initiative called "One Day's Pay," the SC, along with other student groups, have coordinated a day of services to remember those who died in the attacks. Participants will be working with the Salvation Army, Community Center of Southeast Washington, Washington Parks and People and the D.C. Boys and Girls Club. The SC looks to build on this project in the coming years.

"We hope that the Sept. 11 service project will be a reoccurring event," said Meyer.

Another major initiative launched this year is the SC's Help Center. Created by Terzulli, the Help Center provides a place where students can voice their concerns about their problems on campus.

"I want the quality of service students receive to equal the cost," said Terzulli.

Students can access the Help Center online, via e-mail or AIM, in person or by phone. According to Terzulli in the first weeks of operation the center received 30 to 35 complaints. Some students were surprised to hear about the center.

"I didn't know there was a place to go. I though if you had a complaint you just had a complaint," freshman Maria Braeckel said.

Some students attending the Labor Day Hawaiian Beach Party sponsored by the SC had little else to say about SC and its events.

"It is either not broadcast enough or it's something I don't find interesting," sophomore Claire Lodge said.

Terzulli and the SC are looking to spend the rest of the term trying to make AU a better place for students by addressing these and other concerns. Recently implemented, the SC now sends a weekly e-mail to update the AU community.

The SC also hopes to involve more student groups in co-sponsoring events. Above all, the SC maintains the desire to give the students a voice in the improvement of AU.

"I hope that [students] will think that we genuinely work hard to better [their] lives while at AU," Meyer said.

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