Q and Not U rocks Black Cat

Friday's sold out Q and Not U show at the Black Cat served as a kick off to the band's upcoming three month, 40-plus date tour.

The night belonged to Q and Not U. The band played favorites from "Hot and Informed," "No Kill, No Beep Beep" and "Different Damage." Although it only has three members, Q and Not U's energy and enthusiasm give it the sonic density of a band with 20 members.

Ultimately, what makes Q and Not U the most relevant new band around is its one-two punch of innovative sound and political activism. Its political activism extends beyond the steak-headed mentality of punk bands like Anti-Flag, who aim to destroy capitalism and promote pop anarchist philosophies merely by selling records.

Singer and guitarist Christopher Richards took educated jabs at our current president and directed everyone in attendance to their merchandise table, where voter registration forms were available.

The highlights of their set were the debut of two new songs, "X-Polination" and "Book of Flags." After this tour ends, time off for a new LP is needed, said the band.

The Q and Not U family was joined at the Black Cat by Ian MacKaye (Fugazi frontman and Inner Ear Studios producer), Eric Axelson (of recently defunct D.C. band The Dismemberment Plan) and members of Juno.

D.C.'s The Apes both entertained and disgusted the crowd, depending on who you ask. Few bands could pull off no guitars without exposing a hole in their sound. But frontman Paul Weil's Iggy Pop Junior antics and Amanda Kleinman's Black Sabbath-esque Hammond organ wizardry, combined with brooding, mammoth bass lines and pounding, sinister drum fills made the audience quickly forget about the Apes' sans-guitar set up.

Not everyone was impressed by their performance, however.

"All they did was make complete idiots of themselves, and by feigning sincerity, they just recklessly annoyed me," said Kevin Sheneberger, a junior in School of Public Affairs.

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