Online: 10 under $10

Whether its due to a hurricane or a hangover, if students get stuck in their dorms again instant messaging might not be enough entertainment. Here are some ways for students to spend some time ... and money, online.

DeadAIM Install this AOL Instant Messenger enhancer and you will be cruising the information superhighway in style. DeadAIM groups multiple chat boxes into a single window, gets rid of ads and more.


eBay You can get almost anything on eBay: DVDs, books, T-shirts, Metrocheks, you name it. It's a fast and fun way to spend a few bucks and hours on things you never thought you needed.


T-shirts and trucker hats Show your support for the troubled domestic diva with a "Free Martha" T-shirt. Or snag a trucker hat before they go out of style.

$10 each,

Streaming radio Sick of bland Top 40 radio? Is Kazaa too slow for downloading MP3s? Try Digitally Imported, a streaming Internet radio service. You can listen to one of their channels for free, or pay a monthly fee for premium service.

$3.95 per month,

Spam blocker Spam-free is the way to be. Mailblocks will block bogus e-mails from entering your inbox for one year.


Web log Create your own home on the web for just $5 with LiveJournal's blogging service.

$5 for 2 months,

Donna Karen nylon tote This sporty tote is perfect for storing your keys, wallet or water bottle during a workout at the Jacobs Fitness Center.


Wine describes this bottle of Cotes du Rhone Villages as "exuberant" and "full of fruit and spice." Just don't have it delivered to the dorms.


Donate Chances are that your favorite charity has a "Donate" button on its Web site. Give a few bucks and feel the virtual karma.

Free food General Tso's Chicken, cheese steak, pizza - all for free, but the deal ends Oct 5. If you're really hungry, choose another item from the menus of Just point, click and wait for delivery.


For more on ordering food online see this week's column by AU student and certified chef Eric Garmon Wallace.

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