AU 'leid' on Labor Day

Students party indoors, enjoy Hawaiian culture

Students celebrated Labor Day by using their meal plans to partake in an Hawaiian Beach Party sponsored by the Student Confederation, AU's student body government, and Bon Appetit on Monday.

Originally scheduled to be on the main Quad, the event was held in the University Club in the Mary Graydon Center due to predicted thunderstorms.

Some students were disappointed with the change of plans.

"I would have preferred outside, but you can't control the weather, so it's better to be safe than sorry," junior Katie Cummings said.

Junior Rochelle Wilson also wished the party was outside, "more fun in the sun!" she said.

Others students enjoyed the comfort of the indoors, however.

"We were glad that there was somewhere comfortable to sit, with no flies and no heat," juniors Erin Allgaier and Lindsay Gottwald said. "We really enjoyed the breakfast food as well."

The food was appreciated by many and favorites included the chicken teriyaki and limpia.

"I think the whole idea of having a Hawaiian beach party was cool," freshman Gaby Romero said. "I really liked the decorations."

Besides food and decorations, there was a silent auction for small prizes.

Other students said the party didn't cater to a variety of members in the student body.

"The decorations and music were cool, but the food wasn't too good. It especially wasn't very good for vegans," freshman Christina Wright said.

Wright's friend, freshman Liz Menscher, agreed. "They should have had more variety for our meal plan and our 37 G's a year," she said.

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