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For many, the beginning of the school year signifies a fresh start in an unfamiliar area. For others, it is simply a return to the tried and true routine of past semesters. For all, D.C. is full of great places to be discovered.

About as familiar to AU students as the Mary Graydon Center, Tenleytown offers a mixture of restaurants, bars and shops - all just a shuttle ride away. Though it's not the most exciting center in the city, no one is truly an AU student without visiting these top ten Tenleytown destinations:

Krupin's Restaurant 4320 Wisconsin Ave.- (202) 686-1989

From the bowl of pickles waiting on each table to the pastrami on rye sandwiches, Krupin's inexpensive menu boasts "The best Jewish food this side of Long Island," according to junior Mitchell Kannry.

Steak and Egg 4700 Wisconsin Ave. (202) 686-1201

This Tenley landmark is open 24 hours and serves up that greasy food that everyone's stomach craves on a weekend night. No student's time at AU is complete without a trek to taste head chef Oz's diner food creations.

CD Game Exchange 4533 Wisconsin Ave. (202) 966-8307

When that CD case gets too full to close it's time for a trip to the CD Game Exchange. Sell or trade those old CDs, video games, movies or DVDs that have been collecting dust and maybe pick up some inexpensive, used ones to expand your listening or viewing pleasure.

Babe's Billiards 4600 Wisconsin Ave. (202) 966-0082

Be sure to take advantage of this late-night pool hall. "We get a lot of AU students in here," said bartender Mike Smith. Though Babe's may be closed in the future due to rezoning in the neighborhood "everything's up in the air for now," according to Smith.

Angelico's 4529 Wisconsin Ave.

This new addition to Tenleytown provides a wide variety of take-out food, as well as a dine-in section. Best of all, it's cheap.

Chipotle Mexican Grill 4301 Wisconsin Ave. (202) 237-0602

A step up from other fast food restaurants in Tenley, nearly every AU student will eat a huge Chipotle burrito or fajita at some point. But first-timers be warned - they'll leave you so full that the walk back to the shuttle may be tough. "It's fairly cheap and filling and it's convenient," said Wayde Daigneault, junior. The basic meal runs for $5.50.

Students with an AU ID get a free soft drink.

Guapo's 4515 Wisconsin Ave. (202) 686-3588

This relatively cheap restaurant is a bit more upscale than Chipotle and a popular bar for the over 21 crowd. Those under 21 can often enjoy a Tuesday night with friends in the outdoor dining section. Meals start around $7.00.

Whole Foods 2323 Wisconsin Ave.- (202) 333-5393

This organic grocery store offers a wide selection of foods, as well as flowers to brighten up a dorm room or surprise someone special. The delicious prepared foods section is also a bonus, but prices are high, so don't get too attached.

Casa del Sol 4906 Wisconsin Ave. (202) 363-2401

This tanning salon becomes a student favorite once it gets too cold to tan on the quad. The salon offers multiple tanning specials, starting at $49.95.

Loews Cineplex Wisconsin 4000 Wisconsin Ave (202) 244-0880


Loews Cineplex Outer Circle 4849 Wisconsin Ave. (202) 244-3116

Those interested in the latest action-packed thriller or hit comedy should visit the former movie theater, while students seeking inspiration of the independent sort should visit Outer Circle. For both theaters, tickets are $6 before 6 p.m. and $8.50 afterwards, but an AU ID can get students in for $7. Prepurchase tickets at www.fandango.com.

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