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False fire alarm traps 6 in Law School elevator

A malfunctioning fire safety system at the Washington College of Law trapped four people, three students and an employee, in an elevator Monday night.

"As the doors [of the elevator] were closing, the alarm went off," WCL Student Mark Kroll recalled. "We were in there for almost an hour."

The alarm was triggered by overheating in the elevator machine room, according to Walter Labitzky, director of Facilities for WCL. Once the alarm went off, both elevators stopped, one of which was between floors, Labitzky said.

"Normally when there is a fire alarm, the elevators go to the first floor, the doors open and everybody gets out," Labitzky said. "In this case, the heat sensor for the elevators did not activate and the elevators were stopped."

Although the fire alarm lasted only 20 minutes, the four were stuck in the elevator for 40 minutes, according to Labitzky. A second elevator carrying two people stopped at a floor allowing the riders to exit at the start of the alarm.

Labitzky reported that all the riders got out safely.

"We had two responses, the emergency response team for the elevators came by and so did the fire department," Labitzky said. "They were able to open the doors and the people got out."


Katzen construction continues

Construction on the Katzen Arts Center is expected to end in the spring 2005 semester, according to the Office of Facilities, Planning and Development's Jerry Gager. Located next to the Nebraska Hall, the center will include a gallery space, studio, new classrooms and an underground parking garage. Find more information at


Student struck by car while crossing by Nebraska lot

A female AU student was hit by a car Tuesday night outside the Nebraska Parking Lot and was still hospitalized yesterday.

The incident occurred just before 10:30 p.m. at the corner of Nebraska and New Mexico Avenues when the student was struck while crossing the street.

Student Confederation President Nick Terzulli told The Eagle that the injured student was suffering from a broken arm and a head abrasion.

The student, whose name was not released by the University, was trying to catch a bus shuttling students to a nightclub, according to Bernard Schulz, an official with the Office of Campus Life.

Platinum, a club located by the MCI Center, was holding a party Tuesday night and shuttle service was being provided-though Schulz said he was uncertain whether the student was in fact on her way to that particular club.

A representative from Platinum told The Eagle that his club only hosted the party and that he was not aware of any shuttle service-indicating that a group of students had thrown the party, though he declined to identify the group.

Both Public Safety and Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to the accident, though MPD is handling the case. A more detailed police report was not available by press time Thursday morning.


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