Kidman's finest hour and insipid marriage hit shelves

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Just Married

Rising twenty-something superstars Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher meander through this mildly funny, often dumb honeymoon-gone-bad comedy.

"Just Married" follows the story of a rich girl and her not so rich boyfriend, who rush into marriage after meeting each other. Kutcher is charming as a late night disc jockey, trying desperately to keep up with the more cultured Murphy on their European honeymoon. After a slew of disputes and miscommunications, Murphy and Kutcher decide to call it quits

Parts of this film are entertaining, but a contrived ending makes "Just Married" just another teenage comedy.

The Hours

Michael Cunningham's award winning novel "The Hours" is adapted for the big screen to create a grippingly emotional masterpiece.

Nicole Kidman won an Oscar for her portrayal of novelist Virginia Woolf in her last stages of mental illness. Her thoroughly convincing performance is one of three stories that intertwine as the plot progresses. Julianne Moore is Laura Brown, an unsatisfied housewife during the 1950's who must decide whether her happiness or her family's stability is more important, and Meryl Streep plays Clarissa Vaughan, a lesbian in modern day New York trying to find happiness.

Strong supporting performances by Ed Harris, Claire Danes and John C. Reilly help to drive 'The Hours" towards perfection.

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