Ex-fraternities still active

Two former fraternities may be planning on recruiting new members this year and AU is taking steps to warn incoming students and parents that these "underground organizations" place students at physical and emotional risk and possible University judicial prosecution.

Alpha Tau Omega (AT?), also known as Epsilon Iota (EI), lost its University recognition and national charter two years ago after incurring hazing and alcohol violations and Sigma Alpha Mu (AM), also known as Delta Beta (?B), lost its University recognition last August and its national charter in April due to alcohol violations and administrative noncompliance.

Both groups continued to organize and operate after losing their recognitions and are actively recruiting members, according to Danny Kelley, coordinator of Greek Life.

"Some students become involved because they don't realize that the University revoked their recognition," Kelley said, who is heading the effort to inform incoming students of the two groups. Letters were placed in every New Student Orientation packet and will be mailed to the parents of every incoming student, and information is posted on their Web site, www.american.edu/greeklife.

"It's becoming more obvious than in the past that [EI and AM] are not doing a good job disguising themselves...it will be easier to identify and take judicial action," Kelly said.

Under the University judicial system, alleged offenders would appear before a committee of their peers, who would decide on sanctions based upon the specifics of the violation.

AU currently hosts 10 fraternities and 13 sororities and is looking to add a new fraternity in the fall. Four finalists have been selected and will be presented to the Inter Fraternity Council on Aug. 9 and will be chosen in time for the school year, Kelley said.

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