SC creates Help Center

The Student Confederation began its plan to reach out to students and improve student life on campus with the creation of the Center for Responsive Policy, also known as the SC Help Center.

The CRP was created by the first Executive Order of SC President Nick Terzulli, and will handle "day to day complaints and problems that students have." The center will be available through e-mail at An extension will also be assigned to the center at a later date.

SC Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is working with Terzulli to recruit a director for the center, who would be responsible for directing all calls and e-mails to the appropriate sources.

"[The Help Center] will receive the concerns, compile them and send them out to the proper areas," Meadows said. "It can also help to monitor recurrent concerns turned in by students."

Terzulli has created the Help Center as the foundation of a three-tier strategic policy plan. The second-tier will deal with meetings of Terzulli's Policy Team. The team includes SC Academic Affairs Director Anthony DeAngelo, Student Advocacy Center Director Richard Garcia and Committee on Student Life in the General Assembly Chairman Carlos Ramirez. These three will take on the respective issues of academics affairs, judicial affairs and campus life.

The third-tier will involve coordination between Terzulli and Meadows; they plan to work on larger campus issues.

The center will be fully operational once a director has been recruited, Meadows said.

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