Who are you?

Soul searchers can use Emode.com to discover themselves

Are you a mad scientist? Are you high maintenance? What's your loony past life? Perplexing questions, I know. As the lengthy syllabi pile up and new textbooks gather dust under lofted beds, how better to waste time than to test your mental capabilities with online quizzes care of Emode.com?

The site's main page features quizzes that are grouped by six categories: top, new, romance, career, identity and health. Users can work from this page or click the "all tests" icon to view a master list of the seventy-six quizzes offered by emode. Quizzes are multiple choice and take five minutes, on average, to complete. Users are given a brief read out, but are asked to sign in to receive a lengthier analysis. I have yet to receive any bulk e-mail from emode and it would be possible to provide a fake e-mail address, but without signing up, participants do not get an "indepth" look at their responses.

The site's most heavily-trafficked quizzes include "What Breed of Dog Are You?", "Celebrity Match Maker", and the "IQ Test." Being the consummate journalist, I of course logged on to emode to get results of my own. What breed of dog am I? According the scientific wonder that is emode.com, my personality most resembles the pug, as I have "perfect manners, but am still playful and mischivious." Glad to hear it. Twelve percent of emode test takers also relate to the pug, with the most popular personality belonging to the Bassett Hound (19 percent).

Who's my celebrity dream date? None other than Ben Affleck. Seeing as how my other choices also included Richard Simmons and Fabio, I won't complain just yet, but if you know anything about your celebrity of choice, it is quite easy to manipulate the questions in order to get the desired result. The main reason I got Ben was that I chose khakis over gossamer blouses (Fabio?) and class clown over exercise nut hour and so my answer was "f." If you are all screaming at the paper because you know the answer right off the bat, I really don't want to hear it.

I skipped over a few, such as "Are You Ready to be a Mom?" and "Are You Sure You're You?" Instead I discovered that I am neither a perfectionist nor a risk-taker, indulged in the sexually related quizzes and was still told that I am headed for the pearly gates in "Are You Ready to Meet Your Maker?" (sample question from that particular quiz: When you are in a crowd do you feel the desire to strip naked?)

Answers are fairly generic. A small horizontal scale is shown at the conclusion of each test to give you a range (for example: Are You Loony? I am more loony than not, probably because I have eaten ice cream with a fork and answered yes, I would voluntarily eat soap for money).

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