Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

WVAU: All of their time slots are filled so hopefully there will not be anymore looping of Natalie Merchant.

Sysco food suppliers providing the food in TDR: Sure their bagels aren't the greatest in the world but this should improve the overall quality of the food dramatically.

Wheel of Fortune: Vanna White is old, barely anyone watches the show anymore, but hey at least it's something.

Slow Internet on campus: More people on campus means more computers connected to the Internet but apparently OIT did not take this into consideration and now the Internet runs as slow as the line to TDR.

Thumbs Down

Vandalism in the residence halls: Two words: grow up.

Delay in Eagle's Nest renovations: It's a convenience store, no one really cares what the floor looks like.

Long lines in TDR: They should have expected the increase in customers and prepared for it.

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