Confusion and frustration in the fight for rights

Everyone must fight for their rights, right? Wrong. America has been in turmoil because of all the different rights activities. Each of us has strong feelings toward social issues. The more we fight about these issues, the more divided and separate we become as people.

I agree that all groups have worthy causes and I feel that the arguments made by all groups are legitimate. However, the way they go about trying to change the world is very wrong.

Let us begin by discussing an old favorite, abortion. The sound of that word sets off a fire in the hearts of most of the population. They become immediately defensive. This happens to people no matter which side they are on. When we have this feeling we set boundaries and start to war with one another. I can't see this as a good thing to do.

I am given my rights from the Constitution, and certain basic moral principles from the Declaration of Independence. I am here to say that these issues are not what these documents were written for. The Declaration of Independence discusses basic rights. These are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life, being able to live and to live without the fear of dying. There is not a group that encourages murder or that wants gang violence to continue. Liberty, this is being able to control your own actions and not be ruled over by someone you don't choose. Americans do not want to bring back slavery or believe in servitude of any kind. The last human right is open to interpretation. The pursuit of happiness is similar to the right of liberty. Some people take it to mean the right of controlling their own destiny, however religion and mythology tell us that only God has that right, and that it is not possible to have control of fate.

This may call to mind the right to carry guns. Yes, it is in the Bill of Rights as one of our freedoms, however, it is not one of the basic human rights which I think needs to be focused on first. Let us not forget that the right to abortions is not in the Constitution but set up by case law, and again not a basic human right.

The other rights being discussed in the media are the right to do drugs, and the fight against them, the right to smoke in all areas, and the right not to be around smoke at all, and the rights of special interest groups. These are not part of the basic human rights, they are privileges. So, when we fighting for rights, we are really fighting for extremities.

Supremacist groups such as the KKK and the various neo-Nazi rabble do nothing but fight for unneeded privileges, against basic human rights of others not belonging to the group, and cause problems. The same holds true for special interest groups. These minorities are still to some extent disadvantaged but still have the same human rights to live and to control their actions. Rights such as these include special military service for woman and gays, special programs and history education for African Americans.

I am not saying that we should be content and not try to change what is wrong. I am saying that we don't know yet what is wrong and how to go about fixing it. America should come together instead of fighting against each other. If we do this we can gain a safer cleaner world for all to enjoy. We all want the same things, not to live in fear of crime, and to raise our future generations in a clean, healthy America. The more we quarrel against each other for extras the less farther we come from having basic rights for all. Those who are poor do not have an equal chance at living and controlling their lives as others. We need to fix problems such as these and the social activities groups are taking away from this.

In the immortal words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"

Jenni Sanguedolce is a freshman in the Kogod College of Business Administration.

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