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Haim steps into the headlining role, plays intense set at U Street Music Hall

Haim steps into the headlining role, plays intense set at U Street Music Hall

Though many saw Haim open for Mumford and Sons this week, true fans flocked to the U Street Music Hall on Valentine’s night, Feb. 13, to see the band as the headliner.

Opening for Haim was the indie rock group from New York, The Virgins. The four-piece group balanced their set with popular tunes from their eponymous first album with soon-to-be released songs from their upcoming album “Strike Gently.” Closing their set, The Virgins played their hit song “Rich Girls,” off their first album, leaving the audience pumped up and ready for the headliners.

As soon as Haim took the stage, the crowd went completely wild.

Haim is made up of three sisters: Este on bass, Danielle on lead guitar and vocals and Alana on guitar, keyboards, and percussion.

The ladies’ stage presence is truly incredible. They are not afraid in the slightest to interact with the audience. In between every song, at least one of the ladies would joke around with the audience. At one point, Este, clearly the most outgoing of the bunch, handed out roses to audience members.

The group opened with the rhythmic, pulsating track, “Better Off,” before Este introduced the band.

All of Haim’s songs rely heavily on pounding percussion. Each of the women has her own drum to play in addition to their main instruments. Their high voices contrast nicely with the heavy tones of the drums, giving the band a truly unique sound.

The already ecstatic audience only went crazier when Haim played the opening chords of “Don’t Save Me,” its most popular song. As the audience sang along and wildly danced, Haim’s members moved closer and closer to the edge of the stage, practically dancing with the audience.

“That was the best feeling,” Este said. The sisters nodded in agreement, clearly flattered by the huge, enthusiastic turnout.

The sisters closed the concert with an intense instrumental synchronized percussive piece. Haim left the stage with the enthused audience begging for more, but unfortunately did not come out for an encore.

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