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Totally tote: Top seven bags

Fashion columnists on the hunt for stylish, practical schoolbags

Totally tote: Top seven bags
Fergie's The Dutchess line for Kipling

PRICE GUIDE $: 18-60 $$: 100-300 $$$: 1,000-2,000
Only a few weeks into school and you're finally starting to realize: That little backpack is practical, but not exactly cute. Sure, your initials on that plain, monogrammed bag are useful if you lose it, but why not get a bag that you love - one that would be impossible to lose simply because you couldn't take your eyes off it? Why start each day with a bag like everyone else's when your tote should be as original as you are?

We're tired of seeing those monotonous, black and blue schoolbags wherever we go, and we decided to make things simple for you. We've chosen seven totes from different price ranges and for different personalities. Just try to find one you don't love - we dare you.

7: The Le Pliage Tote Bag by Longchamp Price: $$ Besides the black and blue backpack, this is probably the most recognizable bag on campus. The solid-colored nylon body, the brown leather straps and the discretely embossed Longchamp logo make it one of the most distinguishable college totes. Due to its practicality, it's unfortunate the bag has become so generic. Luckily, Longchamp has given fashionistas the opportunity to make this bag their own. Buyers can choose two colors (a body color and a stripe color), a size, a strap length and a personalized monogram. Available at

6. The Clean Air Tote by Roxy Price: $ This is the bag for everyone who thought Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" was Oscar-worthy. Show support for the movement against global warming by carrying this bag. Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio would be very proud.

5. The Granny Satchel Bag by Urban Outfitters Price: $ Simple and practical, Urban Outfitters' Granny Bag can be used to tote textbooks to class, a wallet around Georgetown and even a laptop to the library. This multi-purpose tote is equipped with convenient outside pockets for cell phones and AU ID cards. It's also easy to match with any outfit, for any occasion.

4. The Dutchess line by Fergie for Kipling Price: $$-$$$ Is there anything Fergie can't do? Widely known as the bag with the awkward monkey hanging from it, the Kipling bag has rarely been seen as more than a functional fanny pack. But with the help of Fergie, Kipling has made a complete 180 with The Dutchess line. This collection of bags features sassy and sweet original designs by the dutchess. She has even been seen carrying some of the bags around. Who wouldn't want to match Fergie-Ferg? Available at

3. The Rollercoaster Gym Bag by lululemon Price: $$ Fear not, athletes - we've got you covered. Available exclusively online and in stores located only in California and Canada, the lululemon brand has been tagged a favorite by yoga-practicing celebs such as Madonna and Heidi Klum. This spunky and sporty bag doubles as a tote for sneakers and schoolbooks. We know you want to burn off those calories from TDR, so why waste time going back to your room in-between? You're a girl on the go - use this bag to keep yourself fit and focused.

2. The Monogrammed Denim Neo Cabby Bag by Louis Vuitton Price: $$$ Where do we even start with this bag? If you're willing to pass on housing and dining for a year (and it's totally worth it), this bag should be the first thing you buy. The understated yet world-renowned Louis Vuitton monogram is mixed with a frame that is edgy, classic and well-designed. Stylish, sassy and classy, this bag is well worth the money.

1. The Big Kitson Tote Bag by Kitson Price: $ Believe it or not, your favorite fashion columnists found something under $100 from Los Angeles' favorite celebrity-shopping mecca, Kitson boutique. It just so happens this $18 item is a tote bag. Now, high-fashion gals can be seen carrying something from the same store their celebrity counterparts (aka Paris, Lindsay and Nicole) shop at, and nobody has to know it was only $18. Available at

Stay stylish, Lara and Virginia

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