Used bookstores provide good reads, good deals for DC communities

The neglected, the orphaned and the relics often find relief on the shelves of the District's used bookstores. Here these wearied travelers, whether sloppily sprawled on the racks of Capitol Hill Books or ensconced in a glass case at Bartelby's, blend in while lending their own character to each shop's unique air.

Justice for AU janitors

Guest columnist Kerri Axelrod says that Aramark workers have been left behind. When Hurricane Isabel hit, classes were cancelled and most faculty and staff stayed at home with one exception - "essential employees" - which include our Aramark custodial workers. Unfortunately, the AU community often overlooks those workers we cannot do without.

Nutrition News

Nutrition News is a weekly column compiled and contributed by Professor Anastasia Snelling's Nutrition Class.

Law gets those who dare to download

The Recording Industry Association of America's latest tactic to deter file-swappers - a broad and encompassing series of subpoenas and lawsuits filed against music downloaders - has left many file-swappers unsure of how to proceed in getting free music. Many downloaders have more questions than answers regarding the extent of the RIAA's pursuit of file-swappers, the safety of downloading music and the chances of being sued.

Boutique tailored to the District

At the intersection of 18th Street and California Avenue, there are a number of small eccentric shops and restaurants that boast uniqueness and individuality. Kaur Three is one of those places.

Club funds allocated

AU's Club Council has allocated around $110,000 to 126 clubs who initially requested around $340,000, a process that was "especially difficult because the requested amount was three times greater than our total budget," said AUCC Chair Evan Wagner. "The Council's job is not to make your wish-list come true," Wagner said, "but to simply defer some of your costs.

AU destroys two PL foes

The AU Eagles volleyball team turned Friday and Saturday games against Bucknell and Colgate into business as usual. The meeting of the Patriot League's two unbeaten teams was as competitive as it was billed. That is, until the Eagles turned it into business as usual.

Aramark petition asks higher wage

AU janitors and members of the student group AU Solidarity petitioned people on the Quad Thursday and Friday, asking for student support and claiming that AU's 110 custodial workers lack good working conditions. The main complaints of AU custodians - who work for the company Aramark and are represented by the Service Employees International Union, Local 82 - are that they lack pension plans, have inadequate healthcare and receive low pay when compared to janitors at other District universities.

About the recall ...

Guest columnist Michael Lewis believes that corruption in the United States can be seen everywhere. From illegal accounting practices to people finding loopholes to avoid paying taxes, we as a society always try to get around doing the right thing and avoiding the consequences of our bad decisions. Some politicians have made a career out of lying to their constituents to please the needs of their friends or for personal gain.

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