Eagles nipped by No. 3 Terps

AU (13-3, 6-0 Patriot League) couldn't break the Terrapin defense but kept the match close as Maryland (16-2, 2-2 Atlantic Coast Conference) scored twice in the first half to edge out a 2-0 win.

Gender-bending 'Mommie'

"Die Mommie Die!" works as both a parody and homage of '60s detective films in which the protagonist is an aging celebrity, fading in a whirlwind of lies, sex and murder.

Where to strut your spooky side

Whether or not you feel too old to trick-or-treat, you're definitely too young to stay at home on a Friday night. So partake in a costume contest, go on a bar crawl or shiver with antici...pation at the sight of Dr. Frankenfurter's fishnets.

Thursday Debate: Parents must know about abuse

American University has a legitimate interest in immediately dealing with students who demonstrate a tendency to engage in drug-related behavior. This means taking action against those students after their first offense, so there is some sort of deterrent to those students committing a second offense.

AU course to investigate 'whiteness'

Courses in African-American, Asian, Latino and women's studies are taught every day in colleges across the country. If a current trend continues in social science departments, a new discipline, "Whiteness Studies," could be added to that list. There are currently more than 30 institutions teaching courses that focus on the white race, and next semester AU will be one of them.

'Brother Bear' spiritless

As one of Disney's last outings in the traditional medium of hand-drawn animation, "Brother Bear" serves as a test for Disney's ability for continued success in this medium. The signs do not look good.

Izzard ain't no 'drag'

Izzard, a full-fledged transvestite, performed his brand of stream-of-consciousness comedy to a sold-out Warner Theatre this Monday and Tuesday night.

Curing the voting booth blues

Young people are not taking an active role in politics today, and students and a panel of notable guests discussed why at Tuesday night's American Forum, entitled "The Great Disconnect: Why Young People Don't Vote."

Campus Briefs

Those over 21 can get free taxi rides on Halloween. The Eagle Endowment provides new grant for community service. Students will hold a mock Democratic caucus to inform others about presidential candidates.

The voice of x1100

Many AU students may not know Peter Schline, but most recognize his voice. Schline is the man behind many of the voice mails and x1100 - the extension virtually every student dials hoping for snow and class cancellations.

10 last-minute Halloween costumes

Afraid of waking up around noon Friday, realizing it's Halloween and scrambling for a costume? Well, here are 10 easy costumes the last-minute AU trick-or-treater can make from common items.

Mico speaks out with smart sound

Mico is the next generation of bands with a political edge, sharing its views with modesty and respect while serving up a fresh indie rock sound. Lead singer John Stewart kicks aside the soapbox by infusing politics into his music with smart, subtle lyrics that avoid preaching and ranting.

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