Underground hip-hop surfaces

A full-page feature on underground hip-hop, including a report on the Stones Throw tour in Baltimore, a review of a new CD from Jaylib on Stones Throw Records, and a list of underground hip-hop shows to anticipate

'Snapshots' of modern dance

John Niemi will present "Snapshots," a modern dance concert created to help finish his master's degree in dance, next week in the Chapel Dance Studio in Capital Hall on the Tenley campus. According to Niemi, the concert "illustrates moments in time and space captured in dance (through) movement, music, voice and text.

GA approves the SC budget for next year

The General Assembly Finance Committee released the 2004-05 Student Confederation Budget Tuesday. Many programming events, such as Homecoming and Founders Day, had budget cuts while the Kennedy Political Union, Eagle Nights and Student Union Board all gained additional funding.

Diving in a new season

And they're off. The Swimming and Diving team season has officially begun, and AU's teams are ready than ever to leave the Patriot League and the NCAA in their wake. Head coach Mark Davin wholeheartedly believes in his teams and knows the results of their hard work will pay off soon.

Partial-birth abortion is barbaric

Guest Columnist Alan Griffith argues that partial-birth abortion is an inhuman practice that should be banned under any morally responsible system

D.C. ranked highly

Home to nearly 260,000 undergraduate students at 10 colleges, D.C. has been ranked No. 2, behind Boston, as one of the best large cities for college students.

Who are your NBA tip-off favorites?

The leaves are falling once again, and you know what that means - the NBA season is upon us. The biggest stories of the off-season were Kobe Bryant's impending rape trial, the arrival of 18-year-old NBA savior LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers' signing of Karl Malone and Gary Payton.

Intruder in dorm

A female student was harassed by a middle-aged man Wednesday morning while taking a shower in Anderson Hall. This is the third incident of a man making sexual advances towards students this semester.

Cardinal holds Mass at Kay

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of the Archdiocese of Washington celebrated Catholic Mass at the Kay Spiritual Life Center Sunday morning. This was the first time in about 30 years a cardinal spoke on campus.

Campaign may improve academics

AU hopes to attract better students and faculty as it raises money for these factions as part of the "A New AU" campaign. The campaign hopes to raise $45 million for scholarships and department and program chairs and professorships, according to the "A New AU" Web site.

Controversial 'Elephant'

"Elephant," Gus Van Sant's latest film, gives audiences a glimpse into the world of a typical American high school (full of jocks, preps, skateboarders and geeks) on a day when two societal exiles are on the hunt for their fellow classmates.

Briefs from the Sports Desk

Between soccer, field hockey, and volleyball, there more sports going on around campus than we can fit into full articles