Workers take message to the Quad

Maria Perla has been an AU janitor for 14 years. She is draped in a large Aramark uniform shirt and her eyes look worn. She talks for about 15 minutes with the assistance of a translator before her lunch break is over. Perla, through translation by Service Employees International Union representative Maria Diaz, said she is from El Salvador and does not speak any English.

N Rosie Mauk - KFS

AmeriCorps director Rosie Mauk spoke at AU Tuesday night and said that the federally funded program's financial future appears to be safe.

AU preps for parents

More than 500 families are expected to attend Family Weekend, today through Sunday. Events range from a historic walk through AU to Gov. George Pataki's (R-N.Y.) speech, according to Tiffany Sanchez, director of New Student Programs.

Culinary phrases 101

Columnist Eric Garmon reflects on the need for a food dictionary to decipher the menu at many restaurants around the District.

Violent end to 'Day'

Avatar Films' "Zero Day" depicts two incredibly disturbed teenagers who, armed with automatic rifles, handguns and an excess of explosives, march into their high school to avenge the emotional torment their classmates have put them through. The characters of Andre and Cal, loosely based on Columbine's Dyllan Klebold and Eric Harris, are two freakishly average, high school outcasts who document their lives for approximately one year, inevitably leading to "zero day."

Exclusively Online: Mars volta amazes

Monday night's The Mars Volta show marked a milestone event for many of D.C.'s indie rock faithful: Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, formerly of the seminal alt-rock outfit At The Drive In, returned to the nation's capitol.

Exclusively Online: Challenge for Afghan women

The Society for Peace and Conflict Resolution held a forum titled "Reconstruction and Security: Roles and Challenges for Afghan Woman" on Thursday, Oct. 16. The forum was held in the School of International Service Lounge and highlighted the human rights abuses that women in Afghanistan are faced with and the role the United States needs to play in improving our policies on human rights.

On campus rally supports janitors

Chanting "What do we want?...Justice? When do we want it?...Now" was heard outside Mary Graydon Center this morning, as a rally of more than 50 students from AU solidarity and Aramark workers came together to present the university and Aramark with a petition.

World Series in a box

We can all stop crying now. The Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs will not meet in the World Series. With both teams five outs away from the Fall Classic and with three-run leads, the Curse of the Goat (Cubs) and the Curse of the Bambino (Red Sox) struck again as a fan and a struggling third baseman sent the two Cinderellas home with no glass slipper. Instead, we get the New York Yankees, with 26 World Championships, and the underdog Florida Marlins, who have never lost a postseason series. In just their 11th year, the Marlins will make their second trip to the Series.

N admissions policies - KFS

Last June the United States Supreme Court upheld the University of Michigan's much-debated use affirmative action in admissions, but ruled against its use of a "point system" that automatically afforded prospective students extra points to minority applicants based on their status as racial minorities.

WAMU faces budget crunch

AU President Benjamin Ladner promised continued interest and involvement in solving WAMU's recently revealed financial and morale problems at a 90-minute staff meeting Wednesday afternoon, Chief of Staff David Taylor said.

Tenley secrets revealed

The Tenleytown-AU Metro stop has character. The bicycle without wheels that has been there for over two years, the bulletin board that has been without a glass cover for a year, the frequently overflowing garbage cans and the large, gray and mysterious boxes that stand to the side of the shuttle pathway form these classic hallmarks.

'Borders' goes beyond

In the hand of director Martin Campbell, the camera certainly is a gun - and it is powerful. His new film, 'Beyond Borders,' is undoubtedly the most profoundly touching film this year.