Andrew W.K. embraces a simple, fun life

"This is why we are alive." The first words on Andrew Wilkes-Krier's (Andrew W.K.'s) sophomore release, "The Wolf," posess more power in this single string of words than in the entire pontifications of Dashboard Confessional's soppy soul. So simple a statement, yet so monumental, like the image of the girl in red that juxtaposes the black and white for less than a minute in Steven Spielberg's masterpiece, "Schindler's List."

Making buddies and booty calls

So, I know everybody is having sex. We are into the first month of school, so I hope all of you have committed yourself to one person (all right, fine - two or three people). And I hope you no longer have sex due to influential substances or hopes to climb the social hierarchy.

Is STA closing? Agency denies

The future of the STA Travel office has come into question after ATV News announced the office would close in the coming months, yet the branch manager has said otherwise. ATV News reported Monday night that the STA Travel office would be closing and the University is now looking for a replacement business for the Butler Pavilion Tunnel.

Film festivals provide new outlooks

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to walk down the red carpet, brushing elbows with some of Hollywood's top stars, while thousands of paparazzi cameras flash around you? Well, SOC senior Melissa Hurley doesn't have to wonder; she was there.

D.C. taxis: Riding wisely

"An $11 trip turned into a $27 disaster," freshman John McDonald said, recalling a cab ride that ended badly one weekend. McDonald and a group of his friends, fresh from a club, exited what seemed to be just another taxi ride, when a wet splattering noise destroyed the normalcy.

Independent film festivals make cameos in the District

Moviegoers have been paying closer attention to independent and foreign films recently. Those who have joined the indie-followers should check out several local film festivals for a less mainstream viewing experience. Sundance Film Series Present to Oct. 31 In a first ever event, Loews and the Sundance Film Channel have joined forces to give moviegoers an opportunity to see independent films.

Campaign finance debated Monday

The McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill, argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court last week and potentially in violation of the First Amendment's rights of freedom of speech, freedom of petition and freedom of assembly, was discussed at a panel in the Butler Board Room on Monday night.

Campus News Briefs

News from around campus about Campusfood.com, a new fraternity, a recent ranking for the Kogod School of Business and a Greek event Saturday.

The Bard goes Hollywood

The comedic worlds of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Hollywood glitz and glamour have collided into a modern show, "Shakespeare in Hollywood." The world premiere of the play by Ken Ludwig opened Friday at the Arena Stage's intimate Fichandler Theatre.

Express paper new to D.C.

Students may notice some blaringly yellow newsstands around campus. Within these bright boxes they'll find Express, a free Washington Post publication targeted at students, commuters and other "infrequent readers." The tabloid-style format features color photographs and graphics and brief stories within about 20 to 24 pages.

AU's Web site look revamped

The new american.edu Web site, launched three weeks ago, boasts a colorful new title page, links to various AU interests and features University news and updates. "The new design provides more interaction and a different experience for the visitor to the AU Web site," Media Relations Director Todd Sedmak said.

Colleges collide for AU Classic

It's rare that big-money schools send their elite teams to AU's tiny corner in Northwest, D.C. A variety of St. Francises (Pennsylvania and New York) will drop by but nary a St. John's. Heck, Maryland won't even make the jaunt into the city, although maybe that's for the best, lest Terps fans storm Bender Arena while Eagles fans stay in bed to watch "Crossfire" reruns.