AU parking prohibitive

Guest columnist Hamad Alhaj: Are you a student who owns a car and attends AU at the same time? If your answer is yes, then do you use your car to commute to AU? If your answer was yes again, then you are out of luck. A lot of AU students who live out of the District have no other choice but to drive to campus.

Hirshorn exhibit alters perspectives

Many students shy away from contemporary art because they feel they cannot understand it. "Gyroscope," the new exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum, rearranges its more than 40 piece collection of contemporary art to ease the public's nerves about viewing modern art.

AmeriCorps funds trimmed

Service organizations across the country and in the D.C. area could be in jeopardy because of funding cuts to a federal program called AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps is a network to recruit people to provide public service through nonprofits, public agencies and faith-based organizations.

What's in a name?

While students commonly refer to the names of buildings on campus in their conversations, most are unaware of the history and significance of these names. Like other universities, many of AU's buildings are named after former chancellors, presidents and trustees.

From The Eagle Sports desk

Sports briefs on the Men's Golf team's win at the AU Classic and senior Laura Miller being awarded the PL Defensive player of the week.

Events to attend at AU today

Several AU students and organizations are sponsoring a series of events on and off campus in an effort to remind students of the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001, and turn the second anniversary of the terrorist attacks into a day of service and commemoration rather than a day of mourning and sorrow.

Cage lights up 'Matchstick Men'

"Matchstick Men" is a movie about the art of the con. Whether it's the characters on screen duping each other or the filmmakers pulling a fast one on the audience, it is all about the sly-acting con artist. Either that, or "Matchstick Men" creators can't what it should be.

Pretty Girls Make Graves' sophomore album surprises

Seattle's Pretty Girls Make Graves have been victims of lazy journalism since their inception. Countless articles claim the band was named after the song penned by Morrissey-Marr, when in fact Morrissey adopted the phrase from beat author and cult hero Jack Kerouac.

Kollarova rules court

It's a fact of life that accidents happen, and for AU Tennis star Katarina Kollarova, she's most thankful that she "accidentally" picked up a tennis racket and began what is quickly becoming one of the most dominant tennis careers in the Patriot League.

Women's Soccer drops to GW

AU Women's Soccer fans probably expected AU sophomore midfielder Simone Konig to be the offensive force in Wednesday's match. Instead, it was GW forward Kim Warren, who scored one goal and started two others en route to a Colonial victory, 3-1.

Did Hawn get it on in Hughes?

From the ancient Greeks to the mighty Romans, every culture has had its myths, and the student culture at AU is no different. Naked dances around a pagan god idol, Goldie Hawn antics and secret government maneuverings are part of the fabric of AU myths and rumors, some of which can be put to rest.

Security measures questioned after 9-11

As the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks arrives, organizations across the nation have spoken out against the security regulations that have been instituted in reaction to the attacks. Some feel that the changes have been minor, however, and limited to areas such as the airport and federal offices.