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Rewatching “Paris Is Burning” helps define contemporary moments of history

(4 hours ago)

Watching “Paris Is Burning” today feels like watching a contemporary artifact, a paradox created by an old camera about people and culture that are distressingly recognizable. The grainy handheld camera of the late ‘80s that was used to film 70 hours of footage directed by Jennie Livingston, who’s a lesbian, harkens back to home movies and a style of underground film that doesn’t get much aesthetic attention anymore. The story of the queer drag queen and dance culture of New York City lets viewers see the contradictions of these nightly celebrations through the eyes of Black and Latinx queer, transgender, gay and lesbian people.

On The Record: Covering George Floyd protests and underrepresented communities

(06/03/20 4:17am)

The recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many other Black people, at the hands of police officers, are tragic. As a white woman, I will never truly understand the struggles and experiences that Black people, and non-Black people of color, face in this country each day. As a white journalist, I will never understand the difficulties of reporting on these issues that can be so personal and painful for Black journalists. 

Student organizations call on AU to end all relations with the Metropolitan Police Department

(06/02/20 7:59pm)

Update: The original version of this article included a statement from Brooke Frischer that did not include the end of a quote about how black Americans have told people for years to support them. The end of her statement was paraphrased in the updated article.

Staff Editorial: The University has institutional power to act.

(06/01/20 3:44am)

The current climate in the United States is not new. There are many names we know that have died by police hands, and so many more that we do not. For the Black community at AU, each of these instances has represented a fresh pain in an old wound. As outrage spreads across the country from Minneapolis to New York City to Los Angeles to Nashville to Atlanta in the form of mass protests, everyone is forcibly reminded of how our relationships with the police, with each other, and with systematic racism manifests itself. As The Eagle Editorial Board, we believe one of the most obvious places that this systematic, overt and covert, racism manifests itself is within the walls of our own university.

Burwell, AU community address racism and police violence

(05/31/20 10:32pm)

President Sylvia Burwell wrote to the AU community on Sunday afternoon to address the violence against black communities in response to nationwide unrest, as tens of thousands of people across the country have spent several nights protesting the death of George Floyd and other black people at the hands of the police.