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Opinion: Stop commodifying feminism (and all activism)

(01/24/19 2:18am)

As I made my way through security in Ronald Reagan National Airport on my way back to California for winter break, I was stopped by a TSA agent as I packed up my belongings. Following airport policy, I had removed my electronics from my backpack, revealing the “I Love Consent” sticker positioned on the front side of my laptop. Our exchange was brief: they asked (in words I can’t remember) something that carried the sentiment of “What the hell is this?” and I responded with a definition of consent, what the sticker means to me and, most importantly, where it is from. 

Opinion: We believe Dr. Ford and Anita Hill, but they are not the same

(10/16/18 4:23pm)

I came to American University because it houses the most politically active students in the nation, but it was not until the Kavanaugh hearings that this title upgraded from a mere rumor, spread by campus-tour guides and proud convocation speeches, to a personal reality felt in my first-year orbit.