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‘Gen Z Takes on the Midterm Elections’ panel event explores what political issues matter most to young voters on both sides of the aisle

(09/20/22 8:25pm)

At a panel hosted by the Kennedy Political Union and the School of Communication last Thursday, students engaged with current political issues that are compelling for young voters with regard to the upcoming November 2022 midterm elections. 

Too much time off? How to balance relaxation and reflection between seasons

(09/20/22 1:16pm)

“New year, new me,” is a phrase commonly said around New Year's Eve. It symbolizes a time to reflect on yourself and prepare to have the best year of your life. For students, however, January is smack in the middle of a school year and not the most opportune time for a big change. 

Protestors from across the U.S. come to the Capitol to resist sacrifice zones

(09/19/22 11:06am)

Hundreds of protestors gathered near the U.S. Capitol Building in early September to protest an energy bill passed in conjunction with the Inflation Reduction Act by Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The bill would permit the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would transport natural gas between Virginia and West Virginia. 

Art studio and gallery Art Enables puts on ‘Outside Forces’ exhibition highlighting various talents and diverse voices

(09/16/22 12:00pm)

Mosaic, paint, clay, pencil and endless other mediums are used to create beautiful pieces of work every day by artists wanting to share their aesthetics and perspectives with the world. At Art Enables — an art studio and gallery in D.C. — dedication “to creating opportunities for artists with disabilities to make, market, and earn income from their original and compelling artwork,” is a part of the studio’s mission, according to the organization’s website. The “Outside Forces” exhibition will be on display at the studio from Sept. 3 to Oct. 22., and is composed entirely of self-taught artists from Art Enables and sister studios.

The Involvement Fair returns to the quad after a two-year hiatus

(09/13/22 5:00pm)

The Student Involvement Fair hosted by the Center for Student Involvement on the quad during the first week of class saw the University’s more than 200 clubs table and recruit new students. This was the first time in two years that the Involvement Fair was hosted in-person, after being held online in 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Staff Editorial: The discontinuation of University-monitored protocols leads to a continuation of faulty methods of community care

(09/13/22 12:00pm)

The Eagle recently reported that American University has discontinued isolation housing for students infected with COVID-19 for the fall 2022 semester. In the previous academic year, the University provided hotel rooms for infected students living on campus to reside in for five days and needed to test negative in order to leave isolation. Now, as long as the student isn’t coughing uncontrollably, they are free to enter back into the classroom and access restrooms. 

Analysis: The Major League Baseball Players Association seeks to unionize Minor League Baseball players

(09/08/22 12:03pm)

The Major League Baseball Players Association announced that the MLBPA will be sending Minor League players union authorization cards. The MLBPA is a union that currently represents the baseball players on the 40 man roster on all Major League Baseball teams. 

Opinion: WoMen’s rights?

(09/07/22 12:46pm)

In 1973, the Roe v. Wade decision protected reproductive rights under the right to privacy. The court split pregnancy into three trimesters, where the pregnant person could decide whether or not to continue the pregnancy during the first trimester. After that, states may regulate abortions in the second or third term as they see fit. However, as many know, this decision did not stick. Those against abortion claimed that the act was against religous beliefs, was murderous, or was morally wrong. These anti-abortion advocates continued to fight for what they believed was right, further dividing parties (and people) within the United States. 

A scoreless home opener against George Washington leaves women's soccer with a draw and hungry for a win

(09/07/22 12:43pm)

Coming off an underdog win against nationally ranked University of South Florida, the American University women’s soccer team knew much was at stake when they took the field against George Washington University on Aug. 31.