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Opinion: Commuting to the Spring Valley Building is difficult for many students

(10/26/21 4:30pm)

Picture this: you have an 8:10 a.m. class. The professor ends on time, so you get out at 9:25. Your next class starts at 9:45. That’s plenty of time to walk across campus, right? Yes, but not if you’re going to the Spring Valley Building. The 20-minute break between classes is barely enough time to make it from Kerwin to Spring Valley. If your professor holds you for an extra three minutes, you will almost definitely be late to class. 

Opinion: AU should get involved in vaccination efforts when it can

(04/13/21 8:44pm)

It’s feeling like spring here in D.C. The cherry blossoms have bloomed. The quad is filled up with frisbees, spikeball nets and students with open laptops trying to take in the fresh air. The sun is coming out behind grey clouds. Yet, things aren’t normal. We are still wearing masks and social distancing. Most of us are desperate for the vaccine, because we can’t return to normal without it. Our summer won’t be the same until we have herd immunity. 

Opinion: AUSG should only have need-based stipends

(04/01/21 4:17pm)

Until last week, I had no real opinion on AUSG. What I do know is this: AUSG is a glorified advocacy group that you are elected to join. Yes, it’s true, they do some good work, but at the end of the day, AUSG has no real power on campus. It’s basically a club that we pay for via our student activity fee in charge of advocating on behalf of all of us. I was a part of student council in high school, so I admired their passion and their dedication to govern their peers. I know that student government in high school and college are different, but I felt that I could relate to them a little bit. However, I was shocked to find out that most AUSG members are paid.

Opinion: Our only shot at freshman year

(03/03/21 9:32pm)

When I imagined what my freshman year would be, I imagined friends, all-nighters and parties. I did not picture Zoom, online class and isolation. I, along with many other freshmen, was heartbroken when the University announced that our first semester would be entirely online. The freshmen year we all wanted was not going to happen. Most of my friends from high school ended up in-person for the fall semester, even my friends who were attending large state schools. They all had “normal” freshmen experiences, while AU freshmen did not. They were able to make the memories and friends that we were not.

Opinion: What I didn’t get last semester

(02/07/21 7:13pm)

I went into the fall 2020 semester bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Yes, the first semester of my freshman year was going to be completely virtual, but I still had hope. I was naively optimistic, and for the most part, my first semester at American University was fine. Icebreakers were even more awkward online, but they were over in 30 seconds and I could return to the safety of being muted. Lectures were less interactive, but that comes with the territory. It was smooth sailing. Everything was okay, except for my bio lab.