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History Palooza: Five shows and movies to add to your Netflix queue this week

(10/13/15 10:09pm)

A history theme is the name of the game this week. I have always been a history nerd, and could never understand how some people don’t find it interesting: it is all stories of intrigue, love, violence, sex, friendship, loyalty, drama, and betrayal. But though history classes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, historical (fiction and nonfiction) shows and movies are worth a look. To give you all a little taste of the great period shows and films on Netflix, I have picked a few of my favorites. 

Nationals fail to bring fans a postseason bid

(10/07/15 10:39pm)

The last time one of the major four Washington professional sports teams won a championship of any kind was in 1991-92 when the Washington Redskins defeated the Buffalo Bills to win Super Bowl XXVI. The Nationals, however, expected that to change in 2015. After signing former Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer, the Nationals were Las Vegas to become the next champions of baseball. Analysts sung their praises. Even the face of the franchise proclaimed, "where's my ring?"

Mystery Machines: Five shows and movies to add to your Netflix queue this week

(10/04/15 1:02am)

This week is all about detective work, mystery and camaraderie. Although some may find crime shows formulaic, they also serve as a good source of intrigue. Each episode may have a shocking murder, crime or peril, but more often than not, the characters themselves are emotionally and physically stable. In my opinion, this takes the emphasis off character drama and puts it on the mystery at hand. My suggestion is to add the shows and movies listed below to your Netflix queue, so you can watch them during times of stress or drama in your life.

No Nattitude: Washington Nationals surrender to the Phillies 8-2 to a disappointed crowd

(09/30/15 9:02pm)

Jordan Zimmermann has been a Nationals fan favorite since his first Major League start in 2009.  His toughness, grit and pitching ability are undeniable, and each of these characteristics have certainly resonated with Nationals fans.  Zimmermann established himself in the Nationals record books when he became the first pitcher to throw a no-hitter for the club last September.