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Quick and easy Valentine’s Day treats in five steps or less

(02/14/16 2:15am)

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, boyfriends and girlfriends all over campus are to rushing to find last minute gifts for bae. What better way to show love to your significant other than with homemade tasty treats? Whether you have a strict budget, can’t find a thoughtful present to buy or just don’t know what to get for Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of six quick and easy Valentine’s Day treats via Pinterest:

Final Thoughts on Kobe Bryant

(12/03/15 6:43pm)

As a young child growing up in Wilmington, Delaware, I didn’t really have a basketball team. There was no team that played down the street or in my city. There were the 76ers, who played about 45 minutes away from my house (and I got great pleasure out of watching Allen Iverson in his prime), but I never really treated the 76ers as “my team.” I had my favorite players growing up. Jason Kidd was my idol; I wore his New Jersey Nets jersey so much that it had accumulated several holes.