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District of Cinema Episode 32: Don’t Worry, Darlings

(12/05/22 1:00pm)

In classic DOC fashion, Spenser, Koz and Tristan go off the rails and tackle the hard, pressing questions of our time. Why is the plot of “Don’t Worry Dealing” a mashup of “Ready Player One” and “Get Out”? Why does Taylor Swift randomly show up in movies? Why is Ramy on Hulu one of the best shows of the year? And finally, what’s up with the rooster sauce rebranding at Roaming Rooster?

District of Cinema Episode 27: Most Anticipated Movies of the Summer

(04/20/22 5:03pm)

In the final episode of the semester, Spenser, Koz and Tristan list the summer releases they are most excited about. They then bid farewell to Editor-in-Chief Clare Mulroy by subtly roasting her favorite movies. Finally, they thank the multimedia and online team at The Eagle and all the contributors of the podcast so far. Koz can't wait for "Minions: The Rise of Gru," and Spenser learns about the secret Buzz Lightyear movie, the fitting watch to prepare for this summer's "Lightyear."

District of Cinema Episode 26: Movie Title Mysteries

(04/13/22 9:07pm)

Spenser, Koz and Tristan play a guessing game of deciphering a movie's plot based on its title alone. Tristan can't stop talking about "The Nut Job," Koz shames Spenser for his lack of "Mamma Mia" knowledge, and Spenser thinks that "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son" is definitely a problem. All movies discussed are considered cinematic masterpieces. 

District of Cinema Episode 25: Overrated Movies and the 'Morbius' Discord Server

(04/06/22 6:46pm)

Spenser, Koz and Tristan reveal what films they personally think are overrated. Tristan then informs his co-hosts about the cinematic masterpiece, "Morbius," and the new publicity techniques the film has been using. The trio also agree that the use of Discord to promote "Morbius" backfired in the funniest way. Spenser and Tristan bond over their disdain for Ben Affleck movies, and Koz lays into "The Godfather."