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“End of the Century” is a genuine, bittersweet reflection of “what could have been”

(11/07/19 11:53pm)

Ocho (Juan Barberini) had left Javi (Ramon Pujol) in his past—or so he thought. When the two reconnect for one day in Madrid, their long-forgotten history resurfaces, and their brief love affair is rekindled. Though time had torn them apart, the lovers reunite for better or for worse. For both of them, their affair reminded them of when they both realized their sexuality. 

“Abominable” is a charming animated adventure about the power of family and music

(09/26/19 8:27pm)

Yi’s summer has been filled with nothing but work in the bustling city of Shanghai, much to the dismay of her family. After the death of her father,  her family wishes she would spend more time with them. Her grandmother in particular worries about Yi not spending enough time with them and doesn’t hesitate to let Yi know. Yi’s yearning to explore China motivates the same daily work routine— tasks weighing down on her with every passing day, just to make money.