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“Midway” stars Ed Skrein and Luke Kleintank discuss brotherhood and the importance of remembrance

(11/07/19 4:51pm)

“I’ve got three brothers, so that sense of brotherhood...I know that,” said Luke Kleintank, leaning forward on the couch. “I feel like when we [Ed Skrein] first met, we hit it off. We come from the same mentality about life, about family, and the artistry of everything that we do.” 

“What Men Want” succeeds in entertaining, but leaves more to be desired

(02/08/19 4:17pm)

“Okurrr!” Chuckles rippled throughout the theater as Ali Davis (Taraji P. Henson) appeared on screen, speaking to her assistant after jumping off her in-home treadmill triumphantly. The scene instantly set the tone for Henson’s sassy, strong-willed character, which was enough to leave audiences laughing while feeling a little intimidated. But despite the cast’s convincing performances and humorous attempts, the film often fell flat in places where it sought to address deeper issues in the workplace.