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American's enemy within

(11/10/03 5:00am)

Somewhere, our political system in America has taken a wrong turn. The concept of public service is increasingly becoming lost on those public officials charged with the responsibility of representing the people. Political parties are increasingly taking precedence over principle. And for both reasons, the political culture in our country is increasingly identifying the wrong enemies to challenge, and not fighting aggressively enough to combat the true threats to America. ÿ

Thursday Debate: Parents must know about abuse

(10/30/03 5:00am)

American University has a legitimate interest in immediately dealing with students who demonstrate a tendency to engage in drug-related behavior. This means taking action against those students after their first offense, so there is some sort of deterrent to those students committing a second offense. William J. Bennett, former Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, once observed, "Just in the context of school, we know that marijuana negatively affects concentration, focus, memory and retention... If you were in school, arguably, concentration, focus, memory and retention are important things." ÿ