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The American University experience is a toss up that no one can predict

(01/24/18 3:00pm)

We were sitting in the back of the Bridge Cafe when he asked, "If my son were applying to colleges right now, would you recommend them applying to American University?" Listening and pondering the question, I leaned back to relax, bracing myself on the left arm of the couch. I paused. As I opened my mouth to respond, I could feel the words being snatched out of my mouth, leaving me with not much to say, but everything to think about. 

If Tom Brady was Black

(01/30/17 9:00pm)

If Tom Brady was Black, I don’t believe he would’ve been drafted into the NFL. If Tom Brady was Black, he would have faced the pressure of being expected to comment on every tragedy involving Black life within the United States. If Tom Brady was Black, I believe mainstream sports media would’ve chastised Tom Brady for his fourteen year relationship and support of Donald Trump long before this week’s Super Bowl.