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REVIEW: iPhone 7

(10/03/16 7:11pm)

Just like every September for the past six years, Apple is back at it again with a new flagship version of its best-selling device, the iPhone. This year, it’s the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As long-time Apple fans and newcomers to the platform argue about whether this phone is a true innovation or even more repetitive than the last version, the fact still remains that there is a strong population of customers around the world forming lines around the corners of Apple Stores.

“The Getaway” Review

(07/20/16 12:34am)

Die hard Red Hot Chili Peppers fans have been unsure of the band’s future since “I’m with You” released in 2011. With guitarist John Frusciante departing from the band in 2006, fans were naturally curious about whether the band was going to continue making music. “I’m with You” ended up being a stark departure from their usual high-energy funk-rock roots, and fans were left scratching their heads.