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Best spots to exercise in D.C. this summer

(07/13/19 9:00pm)

Whether you’re interning, taking summer classes, or are living in the city full time, everyone should know about the best spots in D.C. to exercise. While the comfort of Jacobs and Cassell is perfect for the winter, the summer is a great time to break a sweat outside and see the beauty of D.C. While summer can often be stressful and lonely, exercise can improve mental health. These spots are excellent for staying active, seeing the city and soaking up the summer sun.

D.C. ghost tours give guests a haunted look at the District

(06/01/19 4:00am)

Guests at The Occidental Bar and Grill can munch on American cuisine and sip on glasses of wine just steps from the White House. However, on May 10th, a guest entered the restaurant wearing a powdered wig, a red knee-length coat and 18th century-like trousers. This was the tour guide for that evening’s Nightly Spirits DC Tour.

Local teens will take on the big screen in AU’s Discover the World of Communication film festival

(04/18/19 10:06pm)

After seeing other universities host film festivals for teens, School of Communication alumna Rebecca Castaneda was eager to host a similar event at American University. She and other festival organizers were looking for a few key elements during the submission process.