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Quick Take: Is Chris Christie scandal just politics as usual?

(01/28/14 9:57pm)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been heavily criticized in the past month because a member of his staff closed lanes on the George Washington Bridge to allegedly seek revenge on a Democratic mayor. While there is no evidence that proves Christie’s involvement, many find it hard to believe he was kept in the dark. Is this scandal an outlier, or is it just a routine part of American political culture?

QUICK TAKE: How can university policies better address the issue of mental health?

(10/18/13 9:44pm)

Over the past two years, mental health has become a regular subject in the news, ranging from gun violence to sports-related health issues, as well as other issues that are particularly effective on college campuses. What do you predict for the future for mental health issues on college campuses, in terms of shaping university policies and preserving the students’ health?

Quick Take: Are lifetime term limits still appropriate for federal judges?

(10/05/13 7:21pm)

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