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Opinion: The media needs to focus on genuine representation

(12/17/18 3:30pm)

On Oct. 26, the long awaited remake of a decades old TV show, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” was released on Netflix. In trailers and teasers, it promised to be dark and compelling, a subversion from the original “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” I watched the whole series in an embarrassingly short time span and enjoyed it, but there was something nagging that pulled at me. The show had an immensely diverse cast, one that goes beyond a lot of modern shows today, but failed to deliver on the genuine heart of representation.

Opinion: Testing the authenticity of our Latinx ethnicities is counterproductive

(10/25/18 8:49pm)

Over the summer I worked at a restaurant with a staff comprised of predominantly Latin origin. They would bark orders, have casual conversations and make passing remarks in Spanish. Although I don’t speak fluent Spanish, I still understood what they said and laughed along to all of their jokes. One day, an employee asked why I wasn’t responding in Spanish and I replied that I was still learning the language and couldn’t properly communicate. His face crinkled in confusion, mulling over what I said. After several seconds of tense silence, he replied with biting humor.